I’m a big fan of Microservices.
Does it sound weird, given the title? Well, it should not.

Every now and then, a new paradigm or technology arises. It brings hope and hype. This will save us all!
Yeah, it’s true. Maybe it is ground-breaking. Extremely beneficial. However, like everything in life, every solution has its scope.

Have you ever tried to apply Newtonian laws to subatomic particles? Or, have you ever tried to squeeze a television into a sock? Pretty much the same here.
Hype makes you forget this little clause at the end of the contract. …

With a single one-liner and proper code structure

“I can’t even import my own scripts!”

“But it worked on my laptop!”

Yes, the god of Suffering has many faces. The last one is my favorite.

Let me explain the issue.
Your colleague has given you these wonderful, brand-new Python scripts to end all the injustices in the world. You are ready to go, eager to run them, but you can’t import any of their functions and classes.

Not only you can’t import them from one script to another, but you can’t import them from your running Python interpreter as well.
Or maybe you can, but only if Jupyter and…

You have read the documentation. And again, after marvelous promises, incredible descriptions, you know nothing. Back to square, still drawing a blank.
The “Ok, but… what is it?” series tries to answer questions on products and libraries honestly, without your so-beloved catchy slogans. And it does so on three different levels of complexity.

Please do not sink your Docker containers. Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

Containers, Images…

Yes, we are talking about Docker. And no, no Pods, or Clusters, that’s Kubernetes.

This is the official answer:

We help developers and development teams build and ship apps.

Well, thanks.
Docker is many things, and unfortunately you will see this term used to mean all of them. Let’s get it sorted.

Federico Pugliese

Cloud, DevOps and ML Engineer. Aspirant Writer.

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